Strength: 5.5
Intelligence: 9.3
Speed: 7.2
Endurance: 6.8
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 7.6
Firepower: 6.1
Skill: 8.5
Function: Saboteur
Quote: "
I use deception for the purpose of good - I use it a lot."
Transformation: Spider
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2000

Stealing Megatron's mysterious new technology, Blackarachnia - black rose of the Maximals - succeeded in altering her maximal protoform into a powerful Transmetal 2 structure. Despite her Predacon pride, she detests Megatron and fights for now with the Maximals. The definitive femme fatale, she despises life's pleasantries. Fires strong venom pincers that operate as paralyzing claw, retrieving enemies from up to 100 meters. Electro disrupter housed in rear segment casts illusions altering her physical placement and appearance for up to 5 minutes. In robot mode she packs a deadly roundhouse kick. Generally concerned with her own self-preservation, Blackarachnia will at times astound with heroism, but cannot be fully trusted.


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Beast mode

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