Strength: 4.6
Intelligence: 3.7
Speed: 4.5
Endurance: 4.8
Rank: 3.0
Courage: 4.5
Firepower: 7.0
Skill: 5.8

Function: Deployer Forward Observer
Alternate mode:
Condition: C10 MOSC, purchased 2002

Beneath his battle hardened exterior resides a Maximal defender who's all talk and minimal do. His boastful attitude and swaggering tough guy style disguise a hero who, when the microchips are down, retreats in a klick. As a former apprentice to an ancient Autobot tracker, Dillo was taught how to use the mace bollo. The only drawback is that he only uses it when he's retreating. Nightscream has every intention of changing that.

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