Strength: 8.7
Intelligence: 9.8
Speed: 9.2
Endurance: 9.3
Rank: 6.8
Courage: 8.4
Firepower: 8.7
Skill: 8.9

Function: Aerial Combat Specialist
Motto: "I will blind you with my brilliance!"
Alternate mode: Lizard
Condition: C10 MOSC, purchased 2001

One of the few Maximals capable of aerial operations, Geckobot is extremely swift and manoeuvrable when flying. Equipped with a storage cell on his back that powers a variety of energy pulse weapons. Wings and tail act as super-sensitive energy receptors, giving Geckobot a high level of endurance during long range reconnaissance or attack missions. Very intelligent and creative - enjoys creating 'garbage art' sculptures out of destroyed Vehicons.

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