Strength: 6.3
Intelligence: 1.5
Speed: 8.8
Endurance: 7.4
Rank: 2.2
Courage: 6.5
Firepower: 5.6
Skill: 5.3

Function: Beast Rider Assault Chariot
Alternate mode: Beast Rider Chariot
Condition: C10 MOSC, purchased 2000

Megatron created the Beast Riders technology to hunt down the remaining inhabitants on Cybertron and capture their sparks. His personalised transport, Mechatron, is unstoppable and fashioned from his sinister recycling projects. Though purely mechanical, Mechatron resembles his masters dragon mode, due to a failed attempt by the despot to erase the organic beast from his very being. This eerie battle chariot is programmed to shred through or bombard anything that gets in its path. Twin 'claw' flame throwers debilitate enemies from large distances, and its central fusion cannon nullifies all resistance. Mechatron is outfitted with an upgraded spark-capture claw that can tear out the entire laser core of any Transformer defender.

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