Strength: 6.0
Intelligence: 3.0
Speed: 2.4
Endurance: 4.0
Rank: 2.7
Courage: 8.5
Firepower: 5.0
Skill: 6.4

Function: Deployer Demolitions
Alternate mode:
Condition: C10 MOSC, purchased 2002

Determined...deliberate...and often depressed, this subterranean demolitions expert can bore his way into areas no other ally dare tread. Recently reformatted after eons of deactivation at the hands of the Decepticons, this always dutiful Mol is usually called to search for organic life or to plant sophisticated silicon-encased explosives near Vehicon emplacements. When in bore mode, he can fire his metal tearing, serrated circular blade at attacking Vehicons with circuit slicing accuracy. He projects a negative attitude that makes his fellow Maximals a bit uneasy. Not exactly "the life of the party," but reliable to a fault.

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