Strength: 7.6
Intelligence: 9.9
Speed: 9.7
Endurance: 7.6
Rank: 6.0
Courage: 6.9
Firepower: 8.9
Skill: 9.0

Function: Ariel Combat / Recon Expert
Motto: "Lets get ready to make some noise!"
Alternate mode: Bat
Condition: C10 MIB, purchased 2000

As the first known survivor of Megatron's conversion-freezing virus, Nightscream has brought a new optimism to the Maximal cause. He's living proof of the organic history of Cybertron. In beast mode, boasts unmatched speed and aerial manoeuvrability. Sonic pulses can blast through all alloys. Razor sharp claws pierce through solid metal with ease. Robot mode gives him even more speed and manoeuvrability. Can drain enemies energy and power himself with it. Also creates audio illusions which distract and confuse Vehicons, making them vulnerable to attack.

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Front of box
Back of box
Robot mode
Beast mode
Attack mode


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