Strength: 3.2
Intelligence: 5.0
Speed: 7.4
Endurance: 2.3
Rank: 2.3
Courage: 8.5
Firepower: 6.7
Skill: 7.8

Function: Aerial Recon
Alternate mode:
Condition: C10 MOSC, purchased 2002

A crafty and agile winged warrior who usually keeps to himself. When in battle, the small airborne spy packs a big time punch! He converts into an energon crossbow, whose power was given to him by an ancient female Autobot resistance leader for courage in battle. Rav can 'fry' the main circuitry on an enemy's data bank with a blast of arrows while in energon crossbow mode. When he's not scouring Cybertron for Vehicons, Rav enjoys "talking" with Nightscream via a complex series of musical tones.

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