Strength: 8.0
Intelligence: 9.5
Speed: 8.9
Endurance: 8.3
Rank: 7.5
Courage: 8.2
Firepower: 7.7
Skill: 8.0

Function: Tracker
Motto: "After the darkness I take wing again."
Alternate mode: Condor
Condition: C10 MIB, purchased 2001

Formerly a warrior with the Maximals, Silverbolt became the victim of the worst kind of crime. His spark stolen and reprogrammed by Megatron, Silverbolt was remade into the evil Vehicon aerial general, Jetstorm. With no memory of his Maximal past, it took Blackarachnia to finally bring him back to his former Maximal self. Reformatted into a technorganic condor, his wings create violent turbulence that topples Vehicons. In robot mode, eyes can fire static pulse lasers that paralyse Vehicons instantly. Silverbolt struggles to shake his Vehicon past and rediscover his noble Maximal ways.

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