Strength: 10+
Intelligence: 10+
Speed: 10+
Endurance: 10+
Rank: 10+
Courage: 10+
Firepower: 10+
Skill: 10+
Total: 80

Planet: Cybertron
Function: Great Destructive Emperor
Motto: "Through my dark light, heaven and earth will fall to me!"
Alternate mode: Race Car & Jet
Condition: C10 MISB, purchased 2005

Galaxy Convoy File:
Master Megatron made use of the Planet Force Chips, and his power increased into a brutal form. His body contains the light of darkness, which shines out repulsing and attacking our Cybertron troops. With his appearance the Destron has been increased, and in order to protect the universe and defend planet Seibertron, we must fight to the very end.

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