Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 10+
Endurance: 9
Rank: 8
Courage: 10
Firepower: 9
Skill: 9
Total: 72

Planet: Cybertron
Function: Heavily Equipped Aeronautical Soldier
Motto: "Don't give in to common sense! Link up in the sky!"
Alternate mode: Bomber Jet
Condition: C10 MIB, purchased 2005

Galaxy Convoy File:
He flies at the speed of sound, while at the same time, as he puts it – tidies up the enemy. He is the expert of fighting out of the Cybertron troops. Often there are times where my opinion is not agreeable to such a rough character, but when uniting with him, a great power is released, and it is evident that Sonic Bomber wishes for peace in outer space. I have become Sonic Convoy, with super speed and sword of justice I will destroy the Destron threat.

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