Strength: 8.4
Intelligence: 8.9
Speed: 7.9
Endurance: 7.5
Rank: 10.0
Courage: 9.0
Firepower: 8.9
Skill: 9.0
Function: Beast Commander
Quote: "He who fights with monsters should take care lest he become a monster."
Transformation: Owl / Polar Bear
Note: C10 MOSC, purchased 2002

Sage-like leader of the mutants. Very wise and powerful. Possesses colossal size and
strength in bear mode - silent aerial abilities in owl mode. Resentful of his lost ability to convert to robot mode. Believes mission is to nullify technology completely and evolve into a purely organic existence. Does not fight with the Maximals, but believes they are a necessary component of the organic evolution. Can communicate telepathically, become invisible, read minds and shut down machinery at will. Views Optimus Primal's heroics with forgiving tolerance. Greatly feared by Megatron.


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