Strength: 4
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 4
Endurance: 9
Rank: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 1
Skill: 10
Total: 52
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2007

Race: Destron
Role: Doctor
Transformation: Cassette Tape
"Either shut up and let me treat you, or stop getting injured! It's your choice!"

Profile: "If he is seen in a battlefield, there will be no winner in the war. That is because no warriors will die that day."
These words were passed down from soldier to soldier on both the Cybertron and Destron armies, throughout the long years of the Great War.
Glit is the most skilled surgeon that the Destrons have. His keen sense of smell and gently glowing optic sensors never miss a wounded soldier, even if he is of the enemy army. He appeared as an angel even to jaded enemy warriors who had fought through the millennia.
Although Glit is soft-mannered, he makes his own opinions clear and has an inner strength that will never give in to violence or threats. On the other hand, he has a childish, stubborn side that refuses to budge from a decision that he has already made. It is said that under his ministrations, even the most battle-hardened veteran or bloodthirsty criminal becomes as passive as a child with a skinned knee.
Once, Glit's commanding officer Megatron was displeased by the fact that Glit had given medical treatment to the Commander of the enemy army. He ordered his soldiers to cut off Glit's arms. However, many soldiers spoke up; citing Glit's vital importance and necessity, and Megatron was forced to reconsider.

Abilities: Glit possesses a high level of knowledge of all fields in medicine, including surgery, internal medicine, and cybernetic technology. His forelimbs contain laser scalpels capable of delicate electron sutures down to 1/10000th of a micron. The multifunctional medical tool boxes installed on his hips contain 15000 different kinds of medicine. These three factors allow him to give the appropriate treatment to his patients no matter what the circumstances.
Instead of a recording module, his cassette mode has a head-cleaner module with diagnostic and repair functions. He does periodic check-ups on the internal functions of his carrier, so that his fellow Cassette warriors will always be in top form, and live up to their full potential. Glit does not have any weapons, but he does not fear even when facing a heavily armoured giant warrior of destruction.

Weaknesses: Glit does not feel happiness whenever he wields his scalpel. To him, the ultimate happiness is never having to use his scalpel at all. There are no soldiers who would ever harm him on the battlefield; yet every time a soldier is injured, Glit's heart is wounded.

Weapons: Multipurpose Medical Treatment Toolbox

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Robot mode
Robot mode with weapons
Cassette mode

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