Strength: 7.2
Intelligence: 8.3
Speed: 5.7
Endurance: 8.2
Rank: 5.0
Courage: 7.8
Firepower: 6.3
Skill: 8.1
Function: Scout, Survivalist
Transformation: Ram
Note: C10 MOC, purchased 2000

Ramulus' stasis pod crashed in a mountainous region of prehistoric Earth during the onset of the quantum surge. Isolated, damaged and forced to develop his own survival tactics, Ramulus trusts neither Maximal nor Predacon alike. He is reluctant to fight, but rash and impulsive once provoked. Characteristically calm and reliable when venturing through unexplored territory on his own. Relished adventure and argues that the Maximal's success depends on their continual repositioning and relocation. Longs to see Cybertron. Ramulus wields a double slagmaker cannon in robot mode and his fractured spark crystal generates disruptive ion pulses.


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Front of card
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Robot mode
Beast mode

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