Intelligence: 6.2
Speed: 5.3
Endurance: 8.2
Rank: 2.9
Courage: 9.1
Firepower: 4.2
Skill: 6.5
Function: Ground Commando
Transformation: Lamellicorn Beetle
Note: C10 MOSC, 2001

Megatron's cloning experiments have added a new and sinister member to the Predacon ranks: Scarem. A cold, calculating, cyberorganic beetle, Scarem can travel at extremely high speeds over any type of terrain ? even when upside down. His body shell withstands an incredible amount of firepower. When on the attack, Scarem's ultra aggressive fighting methods are nearly impossible to stop. Now, the Maximals must use everything at their disposal to stop the vicious assault of Scarem.


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