Strength: 7.5
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 2
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 5
Firepower: 6
Skill: 10
Total: 53.5

Function: Information Staff
Transformation: Cassette Stereo
Condition: C10 MIB; purchased 2007

Ability: He is able to read electrical brain impulses from fellow Transformers and inform Destron partners.

Character: He can hear any trivial sound made, and will use them for his own ambition. Stored in his chest, the air soldier Condor ejects and attacks with super speed and dual laser guns.


Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box

Robot mode
Robot mode with weapons
Close up of robot head
Robot mode with Condor
Cassette Player mode
Cassette player with Condor cassette inside
Open cassette door
Cassette player alongside cassette
Open battery compartment
Condor robot mode
Condor cassette in case
Condor cassette


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