Strength: 10.0
Intelligence: 8.3
Speed: 6.9
Endurance: 6.8
Rank: 9.0
Courage: 7.6
Firepower: 7.1
Skill: 8.5

Function: Dinobot Commander
Motto: "The quickest way of ending a war is to win it!"
Alternate mode: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Condition: C10 MISB, purchased 2001

As a strong defender of the Maximal cause, this former attack specialist stationed in sector 17 of the Mirtonian constellation has returned to Cybertron. Reformatted into the charismatic Dinobot platoon commander, T-Wrecks, his fellow Maximals bestowed him the nickname "Big Rex" as a testament to his powerhouse presence on the battlefield. Serrated steel jaws can snap most materials in two, acidic breath instantly corrodes most alloys and dual hip-mounted launchers fire air-imploding projectiles.

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