Strength: 9.4
Intelligence: 8.8
Speed: 9.9
Endurance: 9.3
Rank: 9.5
Courage: 9.2
Firepower: 9.7
Skill: 9.6

Function: Aerodrone General
Motto: "
Cruelty is perhaps, the most enjoyable sin."
Alternate mode: Jet
Condition: C10 MIB, purchased 2000

A high-tech flying Vehicon, Jetstorm is a fast-talking hotshot with a mean attitude and a twisted sense of humour. Spends as much time taunting his opponents as blasting them. Loves his job as General of the Aerodrones and is fiercely competitive with his fellow Vehicon Generals. Glowing eyes are equipped with powerful radar for scanning and tracking Maximals. His pulse missile system is thought-guided and deadly to the core. Quickest of the Vehicons, Jetstorm is despised by all who know him.

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Robot mode
Hover mode
Vehicle mode
Attack mode


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