Strength: 10+
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 10+
Rank: 8
Courage: 9
Firepower: 8
Skill: 10
Total: 70

Function: Construction Union Soldier
"Destruction is eternally universal!"
Transformation: Gestalt
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2004

This great destructive power was woken from a spell by the Emperor of Destruction, Galvatron and this power will help the Destrons revolution. He is interchangeable with his comrade, Bruticus, making their attack style highly versatile. When they unite, the power of Superlink is revived once more.

Scavenger (power shovel)
Glen (crane truck)
Long Haul (crane truck)
Scrapper (Shovel dozer)
Bonecrusher (shovel dozer)


Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box

-Buildron combination 1
Buildron combination 2
Buildron combination 3

-Scavenger robot mode
Scavenger vehicle mode
Scavenger vehicle attack mode

-Scrapper robot mode
Scrapper vehicle mode
Scrapper vehicle attack mode

-Bonecrusher robot mode
Bonecrusher vehicle mode
Bonecrusher vehicle attack mode

-Long Haul robot mode
Long Haul vehicle mode
Long Haul vehicle attack mode

-Glen robot mode
Glen vehicle mode
Glen vehicle attack mode

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