Strength: 7
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 3
Endurance: 9
Rank: 7
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 7
Skill: 7

Function: Security
"High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts."
Alternate mode: SUV
Condition: C10 MOC, purchased 2008

Ironhide was built at a time when armour was thick, and circuitry was simple. He is the oldest of the Autobots, tested in thousands of battles, over countless centuries. He has been injured many times, but never deactivated. For every scratch and scar that he bears he has a tale to tell, and most of the younger Autobots are all too eager to hear them. Gruff, and sometimes grumpy, he is also naturally protective of the other Autobots. He is tough, rough, and nearly impossible to damage.


Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of card
Back of card
Robot mode
Robot mode with gatling gun
Robot mode with sword
Close up of robot head
Vehicle mode

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